Full-Time Faculty

Dr. Denise Holladay Damico, a.k.a. “Doc Holladay,” Assistant Professor of History

Dr. Mark Gentry, Chair, HiPS Department

Dr. Kathryn Miele, Assistant Professor of History and Humanities

Mr. John Ruggiero, Associate Professor of History

Dr. Timothy Whisler, Dean of the School of Arts and Letters

Dr. Lori Woods, Assistant Professor of History

Adjunct and Other Faculty

Mr. Bruce Becker, Political Science

Ms. Renee Bernard, History

Judge Keith Pesto, Political Science

Dr. Stephen Rombouts, History

The Honorable E.G. (Bud) Shuster, Political Science

Ms. Carolyn Trimarchi, Geography

Ms. Kaytlin Sumner

Administrative Support

Ms. Linda Kline