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First and foremost, remember that your  major has taught you critical analysis and writing skills that you can use in almost any profession.

History and Political Science

Consider an internship.  For example, our department has a close relationship with the Washington Internship Institute and the Washington Center.  History majors have recently interned with the Johnstown Area Heritage Association and Raccoon State Creek Park.  We also offer the Ann Eppard Memorial Scholarship and Internship Program.


Many Saint Francis University students who major in History also major in Secondary Education and go on to become teachers.  Many others go on to law school; some go on to get their MBA.  Students who like the idea of working in museums might consider getting a Master’s degree in public history.  Those who enjoy archives or libraries might get their Master’s of Library Science degree.  However, you don’t necessarily need to get a higher degree to pursue a career as a History majors; often times, employers in a variety of fields just want to know that you are smart, willing to learn, and that you have initiative.  Getting good grades is the first step toward being able to apply for grad school or toward showing future employers what a hard worker you are.   Getting involved in on-campus activities, like the History Club, the Student Government Association, or others is another way to demonstrate these qualities.

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Political Science

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