“Springtime in Italy” with Dr. Damico

i'm denise Holladay damico, assistant professor of history at saint francis university.  in may 2012 i accompanied sfu students on Mr. Chuck Olson's regular excursion to parma, italy.  Mr. Olson, Associate professor and chair of fine arts at sfu, has been leading sfu students on month-long excursions to parma every may-june for over ten years.  this was my first trip to italy. here are our adventures.

The Baptistry in Parma
published: 06-05-2012

One of Parma’s most famous buildings in the baptistry, erected almost a thousand years ago.  The building was where baptisms took place.  It features beautiful artwork and architecture.

Becca, Ann , Dr. Damico, Danelle and Ilana learn about the baptistry.

Earthquake startling, but everyone okay!
published: 05-20-2012

An earthquake of about a 6.0 magnitude occurred around 4am local time this morning, Sunday, May 20th.  Its epicenter seems to have been about 20 miles away.  All of the students and faculty who were back in Parma from their weekend excursions felt the quake, but no one was injured or otherwise affected.

Cinque Terre

For our first weekend in Italy, my husband Ken and I decided to go to Cinque Terre, the “five villages,” dating from medieval times, that dot the beautiful northwestern Italian coast.  This wikipedia article provides a good introduction to the area, which UNESCO has declared to be a world heritage site.

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Week 1 in Parma


It’s interesting to see how American pop culture is interpreted and reinterpreted in other countries.  For example, we found this stencil of an AT-RT Walker (from the Star Wars movies) on a building here in Parma.  The building probably existed at the time of the American Revolution!

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Just arrived yesterday….
published: 05-13-2012

after a long but smooth journey here.  My husband, Ken, and I have had the chance to wander the city just a little bit.  Thank goodness people here are very friendly despite our embarrassing lack of Italian language skills.

Wandered by the National Gallery today and we were very impressed by the sculpture outside.  Someone thoughtfully handed the fellow a coke.