The Baptistry in Parma

One of Parma’s most famous buildings in the baptistry, erected almost a thousand years ago.  The building was where baptisms took place.  It features beautiful artwork and architecture.

Becca, Ann , Dr. Damico, Danelle and Ilana learn about the baptistry.

Week 1 in Parma


It’s interesting to see how American pop culture is interpreted and reinterpreted in other countries.  For example, we found this stencil of an AT-RT Walker (from the Star Wars movies) on a building here in Parma.  The building probably existed at the time of the American Revolution!

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Just arrived yesterday….

after a long but smooth journey here.  My husband, Ken, and I have had the chance to wander the city just a little bit.  Thank goodness people here are very friendly despite our embarrassing lack of Italian language skills.

Wandered by the National Gallery today and we were very impressed by the sculpture outside.  Someone thoughtfully handed the fellow a coke.  

History Club presents “Saint Francis University Among the Pines”

Elyse Grasser, vice president of History Club, served as "m.c." for the event and presented a narrative, as told to her by Mr. Ruggiero, about SFU students protesting the library's formal dress code in the 1970s. As Mr. Ruggiero told Elyse, "this was our Vietnam."

March 2012.  In conjunction with the Cambria County Historical Society, History Club presented a “History Short,” consisting of readings of stories from Saint Francis University’s past.

Thanks to Elyse, Julie, Leah, and Lizeth for making SFU’s history come to life.  Thanks also to the Cambria County Historical Society and Dave Huber for inviting History Club to participate in this event.  Read more and see more pics after the jump.

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Lizeth George recognized for her work with History Club

Kelly Anne Heyden, club treasurer, and Lizeth George, club president.

Lizeth George, president of History Club, was recognized by SFU’s Student Government Association for all the work she’s done with History Club at the First Annual Student Involvement Awards held on Thursday, April 19th, 2012.





In the past year, Lizeth has coordinated:

Thanks to Lizeth and all the History Club members, especially officers Elyse Grasser, Kelly Anne Heyden, and Leah Kletzi, for your hard work and participation.  History Club adds extracurricular fun and opportunities to the HiPS department and the SFU community.

History Club Sponsors Trip to Washington, D.C.

In March 2012 the History Club sponsored a bus trip to Washington, D.C., to visit museums and celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Cherry Blossom Festival.  The trip was free and open to any SFU student who wanted to come along.  Read more about it and see more pictures after the jump!

Dr. Woods, History Club president Lizeth George, and friends reach higher at the Cherry Blossom Festival.

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Field Trip Not a Disaster

History and Environmental Engineering students at the flood memorial in South Fork, where the dam broke in 1889, causing the Johnstown Flood - one of the most devastating, and famous, natural disasters in U.S. history.

 Crossing disciplines and using the local to study the global

The students in Dr. Damico’s class, “Disaster!  Social and Environmental Crises in World History,” took a field trip in February 2012 to Johnstown, PA.  They joined students from Dr. Bill Strosnider’s Environmental Engineering class, “Appropriate Technologies in the Developing World.”

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